Irish Red and White Setters

February 3, 2018 Luke earns his final leg to achieve his JH title (CH Magairlin Duke of Leinster JH)

November 18, 2017 Hoover earns his final leg to achieve his AKC SH title (CH Magairlin High Velocity SH) and Luke earns his 2nd JH leg towards his title (CH Magairlin Duke of Leinster)


October 28 & 29, 2017 Bo (Magairlin Duke of Abercorn JH) earns his final legs to achieve his AKC JH title, and Hoover (CH Magairlin High Velocity JH) earns 2 more SH passes


September 16, 2017:  Hoover (CH Magairlin High Velocity JH) First SH pass, Luke (CH Magairlin Duke of Leinster) First JH pass and Bo (Magairlin Duke of Abercorn) First and Second JH passes!

Fall 2016


 Tully and Hoover



Hoover earns his AKC JH September 17, 2016 (Magairlin High Velocity JH)

Elsa earns her AKC JH  November 22, 2015 (Magairlin Highness of Arendelle JH)

Tully (Fall 2015)

Dyson and Tully (Fall season 2014)

Hoover and Elsa doing some training (2014)

Wilbur, Orville, and Cece getting in some training (2013)








Bella and Penny ran in an AKC Field Trial 9/3 & 9/4 2011 in Oxford, NY Bella received a 4th place ribbon.  We had a lot of fun!

Penny with a chukar

Tully with her pheasant from 12/4/10

Kyla hunting in November

Bella training on chukar with the Devlin's (her other Mom and Dad) in Minnesota

Tully and Dyson both qualified again, and earned their JH titles at the hunt tests held on 6/12/10 and 6/13/10 in CT

Tully and Dyson both qualified at the AKC hunt tests in Ct held on 5/22/10 and 5/23/10




 Dyson earned his UKC TAN on 3/28/10


Kyla's Successful Hunt 11/28/2009


Tully's first pheasants 11/14/2009

Dyson's first pheasant 11/7/2009

Hannah with her partner Earl and friend Wally showing their successful day of hunting pheasant.

Dyson's first JH pass at 2009 IRWSA National in Michigan

Hogan on Point (Hogan has his AKC JH)

Kyla, Fall 2007 (Kyla has her AKC JH and UKC TAN)

Abe has his AKC JH and UKC TAN

Tully training at a setter fun day